Hollywood Metal Episode 76 (Sep-4-2009)

Hollywood Metal Episode 76 (audio)

Friday Sept  4th 2009: Episode 76 featured one of the biggest figures in the LA metal scene. He goes by the name Warpigg and if you’ve ever booked a show in Hollywood, chances are you know who he is. It was great to have him on the show today in what was probably the most insightful show we’ve ever done. I will be referring all the bands that write to me about the LA scene to this particular episode because it contains years of knowledge. In terms of the music selected for the show. Warpigg brought two of his tracks, from two separate band projects, of which he is the vocalist. The first was his current band DIRE DAWN which is a death metal outfit and the second was DEMORALIZING SICKNESS which was his former, now split up, band. Their band name lives on as the name of Warpigg’s production company. Three other songs were played today including BARANDUIN “A Warriors Death.” These guys released an EP of the same name after a long break following their demo in 2005. It is honestly one of the best pre-full-length-album EP’s I’ve ever heard and I plan to play at least one more song from in soon. They are an folk/viking/pagan metal band that utilizes harsh vocals and male-sung chorus parts to give the songs that “epicness” we’ve come to appreciate in folk metal. TALAYMUS is an interesting band from Canada. They too utilize a viking theme but rather come at it from the typical pagan/black metal approach these guys have take the viking/thrash metal road.. Plenty of headbanging riffs and speedy drums in “…In These Days of Violence”. Lane picked out “I Am The Wargod (ode to the battle slain)” from DESTROYER 666 to round out the lineup. DESTROYER 666 is one of Australia’s finest bands, I’d venture to say that these guys picked up the torch when the AC/DC era slowed in the mid 90’s and are showing no signs of giving it back. Fifteen plus years of blackened thrash and still rocking faces across the world.

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