Hollywood Metal Episode 78 (Sep-20-2009)

Hollywood Metal Episode 78 (audio)

Sunday Sept 20th 2009: Today was the last time Lane Storli and Tyler Sturgill of the epic black metal band PHLEGETHON would be on the show before they move to Seattle to pursue a full time career in the black metal craft. They are playing a final show on Friday the 25th at the Black Castle in Los Angeles. I will post video after the show. We each picked a few of the songs for today’s episode. Lane picked a couple LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH songs, a TANKARD song and one from a band called TYRAN PACE. Of those, the only we haven’t covered was TYRAN PACE which is a traditional style 80’s power metal band from Germany. Tyler picked one from BAL-SAGOTH and “The Last Ride on the Winds of Eternity” from HIRILORN which is an excellent black metal band from France. Unfortunately they have since split up but their legacy lives on through the music. My Picks for the show were DOOMSWORD “The Siege” which is one of my favorite bands in the doom genre. Their songs aren’t typical sludgy doom, they are more crunchy, riff heavy and epic with a strong emphasis on viking themes and mythology. The vocalist is perfect at creating the tension of impending doom with his voice. Lastly, ANACHRONAEON is one of my favorite melodic death metal bands and they are gearing up to release their next album in November which could very well be their best work to date. Show closed with MANOWAR, “Swords in the Wind” … epic.

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