Episode 88 – ANACHRONAEON interview

Hollywood Metal Episode 88 (audio)

Today on the show I interviewed a good friend of mine, Patrik Carlsson, from Västerås, Sweden.  Patrik is the guitarist for two excellent bands, ANACHRONAEON (melodic dark metal) and EYECULT (melodic black metal) while Andreas Åkerlind is the great drummer for both. Our history goes back about 3 years now as listeners know that I am a big fan of Patrik’s work, particularly the song “The English Wizard” off ANACHRONAEON’s 2007 album As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies. Over the course of the interview we talked about the motivations behind the two bands as well as the thematic content and song construction. He detailed the history the two projects and explained what is in the immediate future for both. If you’re into melodic death and black metal, I think you will agree that both of these bands deserve to be counted amongst the upper-crust of the dark metal world. Four ANACHRONAEON songs from the new album 2010 The Futile Quest for Immortality were featured on today’s episode. They include: “Ages Ago”, “The Darkness In The Corner Of My Eye”, “The Message” and “The Beast Called Man.” Two EYECULT songs were also featured. These songs are from a December 2009 release called Morituri Te Salutamus, they are “Aeternum” and “Oblivaeon.”

ANACHRONAEON - 2010 The Futile Quest For Immortality          EYECULT - 2009 Morituri Te Salutamus

For information on ordering these two masterpieces, feel free to contact Patrik at either:

As I alluded to on the show, back in the summer of 2008 the company I work for, SaysMe.tv, was shooting a series of television commercials to promote the company services which is mainly to make it easy for anyone to run their own commercials on TV. The idea was to put someone one TV who clearly looked like they hijacked a commercial spot. I was selected to be that guy so we shot the commercials one night with some camera equipment and copious amounts of Jack Daniels. During the weeks leading up to the shoot I was rocking out hard to ANACHRONAEON’s “The English Wizard” and the director thought it would be great to use that as the soundtrack for the spots. The result was these nine gems:

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