Hollywood Metal Episode 3 (Jan-5-2008)

Hollywood Metal Episode 3 (audio)

Saturday January 5th 2008: Recorded episode #3, a 15 minute pilot episode. Hopefully next week will be the final 15 minute episode before the show gets expanded to at least a half hour. The first song was from DISSECTION (“Black Dragon”). Unfortunately the song skipped in the recording studio so I had to cut it out from the show afterwards. I am going to play it again at the top of next week’s show. WINTERSUN (“Winter Madness”) was the next song. Combining elements of Black, Folk, and Power Metal to create an extremely EPIC Viking Metal sound, Finland’s WINTERSUN is one of the top metal bands in the world. The long awaited second release “Time” should be released later this year. Once the show is expanded we will discuss the genius of Jari Maenpaa in more detail, for now, just enjoy the insanity of the guitar solo at 3:06. The last song was by AMORPHIS (“Drowned Maid”) off “Tales from the Thousand Lakes (1994).” Amorphis was a pioneer of the Melodic Death Metal Genre back in the early 90’s.  Around the turn of the millenium they had evolved into a progressive/psychedelic band but after a few lineup changes an the release of “Silent Waters (2007)” they are slowly getting back to their melodic death metal roots.

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