Hollywood Metal Episode 28 (Jul-4-2008)

Hollywood Metal Episode 28 (audio)

Friday July 4th 2008: Hail to India was the theme of today’s show. I featured some extremely surprising melodic death metal bands today. India is not regarded as a metal powerhouse but great metal knows no boundaries. The musicianship and melodic sense of the following bands will prove that India deserves more recognition in the metal nation. ACRID SEMBLANCE “A Perfect Pseudocrity” led things off for us today. The main melody of the lead guitar is my favorite part of this song. Expertly grooving in and out of the rhythm sequence this song is very catchy and awesome! The vocals are mixed well and the keys and drums are prominently displayed as well. A nice little solo is included to complete the package… perfect! DEMONIC RESURRECTION “Celestial Disharmony” was next in the queue. I guess the way I would describe this band is “tight.” By this I mean the band is technically sound in every facet. The musicianship is perfect, the tempos changes and transitions expertly synced among all instruments an the song offers a few different metal elements. In this case there are bits of melodic death, power and progressive metal all on display at some point. The fast arpeggios of the lead guitar give this song a bit of a tech metal feel too. (al la PSYOPUS) The next band was DEMONSTEALER “Seething Pain that Leaves No Scars.” This song might be the premier song on the day. It was a late entry to the show line-up but it proved its place the first time I played it. This song has something to offer for every genre. Starting with the vocals, this song gives a nice range of black and death metal style. The keyboards provide a grandiose atmosphere along with haunting background accompaniment. The guitar range is also on display… the fast picked black metal melodies are on display in the beginning then move towards a series of melodic death melodies that own only to return to the black metal riffage for the refrain. A perfectly timed tapping sequence in the middle breaks the song up a little to keep things interesting. If you’re not rocking by the end of this piece you might be dead, which would be pretty metal too.. but for entirely different reasons. No messing around with this next song, just some straight forward brutal death metal by a band called IIIRD SOVEREIGN “Pathetic Ignorance.” Headbang-able catchy rhythms and powerful death vocals define this short but heavy piece. DUSK “Dreaming Gotishya” is a band that offers us a couple different styles rolled into one. I had the option of selecting a pure doom metal song or a song like this one that mixes elements of death, thrash and doom to create a more uptempo doomish sound. The droning, evil beast-sounding vocals contrast the mid paced drumming while a shredding guitar can be faintly heard from time to time. In interesting sound, one that deserved to be included on this Hail to India show. BRAHMA “Or Not At All ” I am told that this is probably India’s most popular metal band, they often sell out large shows. The thrash metal influences can clearly be heard in this band. I think METALLICA is the most prevalent given that the lead singer sounds similar to lord James Hetfield. A nice little acoustic intro leads into this crunchy mid-tempo headbanger. The lead guitar wails over the top of the rhythm section and the vocals alternate between clean and scruffy but discernable… (also similar to James). There is a kick-ass sweeping section a little after 5 minutes in the song too… just what I needed to hear. To close the show I did something I usually don’t do and that is to play the same bands twice in an episode but I think it is really important that people get another taste of ACRID SEMBLANCE and DEMONIC RESURRECTION because these bands are of the utmost quality and should be the pride of India’s metal scene. So enjoy “From the Oblivion” and “Journey to Solaris” from these bands respectively.

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