Hollywood Metal 97

Hollywood Metal Episode 97 (audio)

Sound clips from the epic sword movies’ TROY and GLADIATOR are now in the rotation. \,,/

First band featured today was HELJAREYGA which is a side project of Heri Joensen of TYR fame. Heri is one of my favorite metal figures so I’m really excited about him being in two bands as long as mighty TYR continues on strong. I listed to DETHKLOK’s Dethalbum II almost exclusively for 2 months to close out 2010 so I felt like it was definitely time to get that album on the show. Don’t be surprised if you hear a bunch more tracks from it, DETHKLOK RULES! Lastly, NORTHLAND from Spain is quickly becoming a formidable force in my viking/folk metal catalog. Enjoy the “Immortal Forest Song!”

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