Hollywood Metal 107 – VISCERA

Long time friends of the show VISCERA stopped by with an update on their impressive latest happenings. In the past four months alone, these warriors have played over 50 shows and toured Mexico. The latter, being a feat no other HMR featured band can claim. Listen to the show below on youtube and check out all social media properties ending in /VISCERATHRASH  (www.facebook.com/viscerathrash)

As a special guest, VISCERA brought with them the Executive Director of the Starving Musician Program, Ondrea Faillace. Her organization is working tirelessly to create a brighter future for the local hard rock and metal scene here in LA. Please check out the second mic segment to learn more about the program and visit www.SMProgram.org (Quite frankly, she’s got so much cool stuff going on that it would be difficult to summarize.. best to just listen.)

Battle on!

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