A Universe From Nothing

In 2009 Dr. Lawrence Krauss, a prominent theoretical and particle physicist as well as author of several popular science books, gave a lecture at a Richard Dawkins Foundation event. The title of the lecture was “A Universe From Nothing” and in it Dr. Krauss discusses the origins of the universe and how quantum fluctuations at the smallest scales make it possible for a universe to start from nothing. Professor Krauss has the rare gift of being able to eloquently deliver complex physical and mathematical subject matter to audiences of widely varying  degrees of scientific understanding, and do it in a way that is funny and provocative (he’s known as “The Woody Allen of physics”). It’s enrapturing. To the benefit of earth, the cameras were rolling, as they are wont to do at physics lectures, and now the video has almost 1.1 million views on youtube which is stounding for a non-cat video. The popularity of that lecture, which he gave a few more times over the next year and at his Origins Symposium at Arizona State University, caused his publishers to notice and approach him about doing a related book. That book is now available everywhere and is moving up the best seller lists. (#34 on Amazon EDIT: #27-Jan 14 2012)

email from Dr. Krauss
email from Dr. Krauss

In addition to being a spellbinding speaker, Dr Krauss is also in the vanguard when it comes to promoting science in the United States. He has been particularly vocal against the anti-science agenda’s of religious groups which are threatening further undermine the USA’s once-rich culture of science and innovation. Pressure on educators and school boards to teach intelligent design and avoid evolution is just one of the many examples Dr. Krauss cites as reasons for American teenagers’ poor performance in science relative to other developed nations. Underpaid teachers, lack of science degrees amongst educators and a dangerous level of science apathy in our political system and candidates are a few others. Dr. Krauss is often asked to represent the side of science in debates with christians and creationists for his ability to demystify their flawed and circular logic. For this, I consider Dr. Krauss an American hero (and a hero for planet earth). It is the efforts of people like him who will keep our nation competitive in scientific and technological inovation which has been the backbone of successful economies since the dawn of man. I recommend watching all Lawrence Krauss lectures and interviews on youtube. I know my fellow metalheads share a similar disdain for religion and an appreciation for epic on the grandest of scales. For there is nothing more epic than the universe…  *metal tie-in \m/

This Sunday at 2pm at CalTech Professor Krauss will be giving a public talk about his book and research. If you’re in the LA area, I hope to see you there. Please take the time to watch this video and buy the book. You wont regret it.

A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing (book)

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