fantasy art: PALADIN (1972) – Roger Dean

Paladin (1972) — Roger Dean’s work has been seen on a lot of album covers if you happen to really like progressive rock. Perhaps one of the most recognized connections is between the artist and the bands Yes and Asia as Dean has done the covers for pretty much all of their albums. Roger Dean is damn amazing and his brightly exotic landscapes do more at immersion than some novels do. The gatefold cover for Paladin’s 1972 album charge depicts a normal hazy landscape and a figure which is half organic with the other artificial. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what is going on, where these people are, or what they are charging into. In 1972, Dean did 10 album covers as well as the year before and many years after. I am sure the band came to Dean and asked for a knight on a horse and this is what they got. Aside from any lack of meaning and subsequent obscurity Paladin endured after the 70’s closed, Dean’s artwork is still exciting and exquisite for anyone despite their enjoyment of progressive rock.

PALADIN (1972) - Roger Dean
PALADIN (1972) – Roger Dean

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