To be honest, I really have no foothold on Black Dahlia Murder, other than the fact that a lot of people try to recommend it to me when I mention heavy metal. However, there does not seems to be that much to understand about them, as Black Dahlia Murder seems to be making a career out of a systematic stream of melodic death since the early 00’s. In fact, their album release schedule since 2003 has revolved in 2 year cycles, which puts further albums at 2017, 2019, 2021, and so on until the end of time. I do not think it is a secret that I have never really gotten this band, but let us see if the power of fast horror can warm the cold cockles of this rusted heart.

My only hope for this review is to reiterate my extreme indifference for Black Dahlia Murder and their 7th record Abysmal. Not excitement, nor tedium, but indifference. This was reinforced while listening to the album, with Abysmal passing without major incident or highlight. This is not to say there were not moments of interest, including lead guitar from Ryan Knight and the near machine like vocal/rhythm precision from the band’s longest running members Brian Eschbach and Trevor Strnand. Songs like Vlad, Son Of The Dragon, and Re-Faced were springy in their disposition and possessed moments that resembled delight. These moments were quickly muted, however, by the dull gunfire rhythm of “Threat Level No. 3,” leaving me with no strong opinion either way.

I would like to mention this record may be a treat for other people. Similar to bands like Children of Bodom that have never gone downhill, Black Dahlia Murder possess the ability to change members and still have a well oiled sound. The production for Abysmal is exquisite, allowing double kick and echoing guitar to pulse through songs. This literally could be everything someone would want in a metal record. For me, it was not. But that is okay, I am just one icy-hearted person.

Album: Abysmal
Released: September 18th, 2015
Label: Metal Blade
Website: Facebook
Score: 5/9 Hammers

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