In nontraditional metal news, Canadian gothic symphonic metallers MONARCH WOODS have released… a book!

Monarch Woods was founded by guitarist Jonah Kay and vocalist Jay Ivaree in 2013. The duo initially wrote folk metal songs based off of literature Ivaree studied at university. In 2014, Ivaree began writing her own sci-fi story and the two decided to launch a symphonic metal band dedicated to the events in the series. Ivaree’s work promotes scientific values, racial diversity, and her ideals of family ethics. It’s also notable for its anti-religion themes and juxtaposition of “angels” as villains. Ivaree writes the script, conceptualizes all character art, and storyboards the pages. Jonathan Barker is the inker and colorist of the comic.

Wergild Atlas Cover
“Wergild Atlas” is the first book in the series based of these comics. From the back cover:

An empire in the sky.
A lineage tainted by experiments.
A family torn apart.

The Corvinian race: the first winged men, soar through the sky colony of Himmeldom.

For nearly a century, their creator and scientific genius Ovn Corrick rules unchallenged. When his wife, the beloved Lady Mother Ophesa dies, it sets in motion an unstoppable chain of events that will change Himmeldom – and the world below – forever.

Wergild Atlas is the first book in this sci-fi series written by Jay Ivaree and illustrated by Jonathan Barker. It chronicles the events that inspire the music of symphonic metal band Monarch Woods.

The book is available in both digital and printed versions through the band’s website. Their latest EP is available to stream on Youtube.

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