Fantasy Art: WARP RIDERS by Dan McPharlin

Hollywood Metal Fantasy Art: Warp Riders by Dan McPharlin

Dan McPharlin – Warp Riders [Interior] (2010) – Alright, so this sort of deviates from the traditional fantasy template but McPharlin’s science fiction landscapes and imagery are far to stunning to leave uncovered. McPharlin is a current Australian visual artist who creates minimal science fiction landscapes in the style of 1960’s style sci-fi paperbacks. His work can be seen on albums covers such as The Sword, Pretty Lights and Prefuse 73. Aside from having the greatest taste in the universe, McPharlin achieves a sense of serenity within impossible landscapes which…

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SABATON – Carolus Rex

SABATON - Carolus Rex (2012)

Guest post by Eligh Corchis-Scott Sabaton returns with a new album, and the new lineup doesn’t seem to have hurt them at all. As usual the songs are based around historic battles.  This time however the album has a unifying theme: The Swedish Empire which lasted from 1611 to 1721. The album was released in two versions, the english version, which I’ll review here, and the Swedish version, which deserves a mention. I enjoyed the Swedish version as much as, if not more than the English version but I spent…

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