Treasure Island

This particular review exists because of my insatiable lust for all things BLACK SAILS. If you’re unfamiliar, that is perfectly forgivable as it airs Saturday nights on the obscure STARZ network with a limited audience reach as a consequence. Nevertheless, the show has garnered recurring critical acclaim over the three seasons that exist to date. Our own Kaptain Carbon reviews the series for Hollywood Metal. The length of time comprising a week is never more apparent than when it separates airings of your favorite show. Last week I filled this…

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Einsteins Dreams

If ever there was a book that could be classified as prog metal this is it.

Set in Bern, Switzerland, in the year 1905, Physicist Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams explores the literal consequences of hypothetical postulates derived from Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and some deep thought about the nature of space and time.

The vehicle for this exploration is a series of dreams that occur to a certain youthful patent clerk that take place in the two months leading up to June 30th. The day the journal Annalen der Physik would receive the paradigm-shifting paper. (The third of four he published that year as part of his Annus Mirabilis or “miracle year”.) It’s a quick read, about 140 pages, but that’s all Lightman needed to create myriad of mind bending worlds by modifying the physics of time, space, and entropy.

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Oh cool, a book on Metallica. Oh wait, this book is only about the worst era of Metallica? Fuck. The history of Metallica has been mined and discussed numerous times in numerous books. In fact, the two Authors of Into The Black: The Inside Story of Metallica wrote a similar book on Metallica in 2013. Birth School Metallica Death: The Inside Story of Metallica: Volume 1 all detailed the formation of the band up until their breakthrough success with 1991’s Eponymous AKA The Black Album. Into the Black picks up…

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