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HMR Episode 115

co-Host: Kyle Ward GARDEN OF SHADOWS – Dissolution of the Forms ELUVEITIE – A Rose For Epona SVARTBY – Done With The Wind Featured Film Clips: Dragonheart (1996), First Knight (1995)


co-Host: Patrik Carlsson (ANACHRONAEON) Featured Bands: ANACHRONAEON- “To Ashes” SEVENTH WONDER- “Paradise” ANACHRONAEON- “The Inevitable Day” Featured Film Clips: Dracula (1931), Braveheart (1995)

Hollywood Metal 113 – TORRENT

co-Host: Greg Johnson (TORRENT) Featured Bands: TORRENT- “The Winged Sun” METALLICA – “Blackened” TORRENT – “Fallen Cities” Featured Film Clips: Dracula (1931), Game of Thrones (Season 16)

Hollywood Metal 112

co-Host: Ronny Lee Marks (SPECTRAL WORDS) Featured Bands: NIGHTWISH – “Ghost River” AMORPHIS- “My Enemy” WELICORUSS- “Slavonic Power” Featured Film Clips: Dracula (1931), Labyrith (1986) NIGHTWISH Secret Show and Gibson Amphitheatre Performance: AMORPHIS at Gibson Amphitheatre: In show references: Art … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 111 – HELSOTT

co-Host: Eric Dow (HELSOTT) Featured Bands: HELSOTT – “Folkvangr” FOREFATHER- “Wolves of Prayer” HELSOTT – “Vandal’s Divide” Featured Film Clips: Game of Thrones (Season 1), Dracula (1931)

Hollywood Metal 110

Cohost: Lane Storli ( Featuring: CEREMONIAL CASTINGS – “Apparitions To Become” HIBRIA- “Steel Lord on Wheels” CROM- “A Reason to Live” Featured Film Clips: Dracula (1931), Game of Thrones (Season 1), Transformers (2007)  

Hollywood Metal 109

Ronny Marks and Nik Vidmann were in the pseudo-studio to hang out for episode 109 which featured a couple of Swedish and German bands. Those bands are below. As mentioned HELSOTT will be opening for Paganfest USA 2012 in Los … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 108

Every few weeks I need to do a solo show that allows me to catch up on some of the bands I’ve been tracking throughout the year. Today was one of those shows. Please enjoy the musical stylings of INSOMNIUM, SABATON, NOTHGARD, … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 107 – VISCERA

Long time friends of the show VISCERA stopped by with an update on their impressive latest happenings. In the past four months alone, these warriors have played over 50 shows and toured Mexico. The latter, being a feat no other … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 106 – PDP

Big show today for a couple reasons. First, PDP was on hand to talk about their new album and recent tour. Enjoy “Weight of the World”, “Pile Driven” and “Crawl” from PDP and go buy their album Mass Delusion which is … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 105

Hollywood Metal 105 (Audio)   Ronny Marks and Nik Vidmann hung out for ep 105 which featured three new bands for the show library and one old favorite. ASHES, a Swedish Melo-death band sent me some excellent material recently and … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 104 w/ SPECTRAL WORDS

Hollywood Metal episode 104 (audio) Ronny Lee Marks came down to Hollywood on Thursday for episode 104. He brought 3 demo tracks for his new project entitled SPECTRAL WORDS. This new project is a solo project currently but he’s looking … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 103 with SIRION

Hollywood Metal episode 103 (audio) Alas, epic melodic metallers SIRION joined me on the show this week to discuss the past, present and future of the band formerly known as Bloodsteel. SIRION is a great name change and the band … Continue reading

Hollywood Metal 102

Hollywood Metal episode 102 (audio) During the Ivy-apocalypse at my apartment building I recorded episode 102 solo because I was too disorganized? lazy? drunk? etc? on friday… Anyway, after the ivy fell from the building and took the shape of … Continue reading