The Hollywood Metal Top 5 games of 2015

It’s years end again; the days get shorter, the night gets longer, small gods the world over brace themselves for eternal night that’ll never come. It’s in the darkest part of the year, a grim reminder of why so many ancient religious picture the world falling to snow and ice rather than fire. As that snow falls and the world itself seems to die around us, we’re filled with that most human of needs: the need to blindly fantasize about the past and figure out which five games are adorning…

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Apotheon is the story of an ancient Greek warrior who, finding his country betrayed by the gods, goes forth to seek justice via a raid on Mount Olympus. It’s not the most original considering this is basically the only plot we know how to tell with Greek heroics and it might also sound a lot like God of war on paper (Any/all of them. Each new iteration is a love letter to the find/replace tool) but the way it succeeds is because it tells it in a different way. Though…

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