Big Metal Month (August)

Big Metal Month was a new idea I had to keep up with some of the giant labels in heavy metal releasing new albums from well known bands. Since I have chosen to spend all of my time with dungeon synth and things no one else cares about, it is surprising to see some of metal’s biggest releases pass without notice. Big Metal Month also sounds like a comic book which comes in an oversized magazine with lots of pictures. This obviously makes me happy. Please use this column to…

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I imagine am going to be slightly unpopular with two groups in saying that I have a hard time believing that Enslaved is not a logical substitution for the progressive hard rock band Tool. In absence of Tool’s newest album, I would think that the progressive and meditative aspects of Enslaved would compliment a person’s desire for metaphysical metal/rock. Again, I could be slightly unpopular if Tool fans think there is no substitute for their favorite band or Enslaved fans think I am wrong for comparing their favorite to Tool.…

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ENSLAVED – Riitiir

ENSLAVED - Riitiir (2012)

In many ways, RIITIIR is the album that I expected to follow the “Progressive Extreme Metal” band’s 2008 release Vertebrae. The moody, psychedelic nature of songs like “Center” and “Ruun” (from Vertebrae’s predecessor) have more in common with the songs on this release than they do with the songs on Vertebrae’s actual follow up, Axioma Ethica Odini. That album always struck me as a reaction to Vertebrae’s sound, rather than a development of it, and RIITIIR feels, in turn, like a reaction. Where Axioma brandished thunderous grooves, muscular riffs, and…

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