Monster Hunter World

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Developer: Capcom Released: August 9th 2018 Website: Official Site Join us tonight, as we delve deep into the jungles of the new world in search of beautiful monsters and a mighty doom: When the dinosaur of your dreams gets up and leaves, you get right back in the saddle you made of your rebounds skin and kick it’s teeth in: Slotch is in a bit of a weird mood this week. A weird “Cosplay as a wolf and murder a dragon” kind of mood. Literally nothing can…

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[Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 18th, 2016. It has now been updated to include video of Luke playing the 2018 DLC expansion] Darkest Dungeon appears, at first glance, to be a game so simple as to be generic; yet another dungeon-crawler so steeped in simplicity that it’s fucking painted. That’s what I was expecting anyway. What I found, down there in the diseased crypts of the ancestral grounds, changed my mind forever. In less wanky terms, it’s unexpectedly deep. The premise, at least, is simple: your uncle…

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XOTH – Invasion of the Tentacube

XOTH - Invasion of the Tentacube

This is melodic death, as serious as last time, but now with a nice line in playful over-expression. Xoth were never slouches lyrically, each track of Hostile Terraforming had something worth hearing in it’s grunting, gritt throated vocals, and invasion of the tentacube is no different. They seem to double down on that this time, and audio balancing means they hover forever at the edge of understanding. Usually close enough for understanding on your second or third listen, but at a first spin you’ll be too awed by the thrumming of the guitars, the relentless drumming and the hearty, ever energetic bass to pay the words much mind.

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