Monster Hunter World

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Developer: Capcom Released: August 9th 2018 Website: Official Site Join us tonight, as we delve deep into the jungles of the new world in search of beautiful monsters and a mighty doom: When the dinosaur of your dreams gets up and leaves, you get right back in the saddle you made of your rebounds skin and kick it’s teeth in: Slotch is in a bit of a weird mood this week. A weird “Cosplay as a wolf and murder a dragon” kind of mood. Literally nothing can…

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[Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 18th, 2016. It has now been updated to include video of Luke playing the 2018 DLC expansion] Darkest Dungeon appears, at first glance, to be a game so simple as to be generic; yet another dungeon-crawler so steeped in simplicity that it’s fucking painted. That’s what I was expecting anyway. What I found, down there in the diseased crypts of the ancestral grounds, changed my mind forever. In less wanky terms, it’s unexpectedly deep. The premise, at least, is simple: your uncle…

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