Heavy Metal 2017 (July)

Heavy Metal July

As always with this series, I enjoy highlighting art, mainly from Frank Frazetta, but also celebrating other popular works that could possibly align with the sound of traditional heavy metal. Case in point, pulp fiction. If we are going to be more specific than the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though this writer has many works collected in his career, the name Boroughs is enshrined to two characters, John Carter and Tarzan. The later is where our picture comes from and not from Tarzan but his progeny Korak. The painting…

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Popular Metal Radar (July)

I think I am always going to be destined to write roundups or at least be drawn to them. Processing music is a daunting task and for as many things which come out every week it is difficult to keep up with them or peak people’s interest in everything. Already this site has a dungeon synth and a traditional/speed metal roundup which is delivered to a small niche and loyal audience. What is funny about spending so much time in niche pockets is often not hearing larger releases. I tried…

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BEORN – Time to Dare

My first impression of Beorn’s latest was a good one. Not because of their bizarre, music box-esque intro, but the album cover itself. There’s not a lot to be said against anyone with the pure obsidian grit to take a fucking galleon off a jump like it’s your dad’s Ford Mondeo. There’s the same kind of inventive recklessness you’ll immediately recognise in their music too. Star Ocean starts like it was ripped straight from the heart of the nineties. A weird, almost techno intro that wouldn’t sound out of place…

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