WINTERSUN – The Forest Seasons

Wintersun The Forest Seasons

Wintersun has had a long and tortured history. This is not to say they have not had their share of fame and praise, rather, the polarity that this Finnish melodic death band casts is long and extreme. Since the band’s well regarded self titled debut, the band has both been hyped by its fans and frustrated by its own series of production delays. Time I, originally scheduled for many years earlier, did both serve as a celebration for fans and also the platform for the eternal wait for its proposed…

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Wintersun - Time I

Oh Jesus.  My hesitation to this piece is that it is not only my first review for Hollywood Metal but it is for an album which people have been waiting centuries upon eons for. Why can’t I just slide in with a nice Nails 7″ or an album no one has heard of? Why does it have to be this one? Why does it have to be the long awaited second album from Wintersun ? Why do I have to make things difficult? At least discussing this band’s back catalog…

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