ANCIENT BARDS – Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Pt 2)

Ancient Bards - Origine

I feel my attraction to Ancient Bards comes in part with my love for Rhapsody and all of its iterations. I also feel Ancient Bards has perhaps endured the comparison to fellow Italian symphonic power metal band once or twice. Let us make this one more for old times sake. Origine is the followup, conceptually, to the Ancient Bard’s 2010 debut The Alliance of the Kings – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Pt.1. I mean, we could probably throw in their 2008 demo entitled “Trailer of the Black Crystal Sword…

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ANCIENT BARDS – A New Dawn Ending

I feel my missing out on Ancient Bards was more due to their name being so similar to other bands, such as the progressive metal band Anciients and about 100 other bands with this word in the beginning of their name. Ancient Bards should stand out as this Italian symphonic metal band has an incredible sound, including operatic tendencies that are not unlike other Italian symphonic metal bands whose members also appear on this record. A New Dawn Ending is the band’s third album in a very short career, which…

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