The Beastmaster (1982)

Stay beast, I was born in the belly of a cow, so I am kin to you. Oh man is it too late to take back the implication that Red Sonja was the worst Sword and Sorcery film of the 1980s? Maybe. Maybe not. The Beastmaster, the film, was released the same year as Conan and was a part of the first wave of fantasy films to explode in the 1980´s. The film would see mild success followed by continual replay on late night cable. In fact, this film is…

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Amorphis. Alright. It is sort of strange reviewing a new record from a band whose older material lives in such legacy. 1994’s Tales of a Thousand Lakes is cited as a pioneering example of melodic death. Then there is everything else the band did. Since Amorphis has been consistently releasing material since the early 90’s it is difficult to sum up their narrative in a few sentences. One way to breakup the band’s history is to mark 2006 as an end and beginning with the release of Eclipse. It is…

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