Anyone who knows me will know I’m a fan of the Total War games, and have been so since the 90s when cheese-fest Time Commanders (a show that featured the game) was instrumental in convincing my dad that since they were historical they were also educational. I’m not sure how I managed, but somehow I incepted into him the idea that, without the ability to simulate ancient Roman warfare my education would fail and I’d end up homeless, sustaining myself by scraping the grease out of discarded takeaway boxes with…

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GRAND MAGUS – Sword Songs

Grand Magus

When the first thing you see of an album is something so nonsensically brilliant as a sword wielding eagle, you know you’re in for a good time. I mean, first of all, where’d he get that thing? What kind of person decides that nature’s answer to the cruise missile isn’t murdery enough, but 30 inches of tempered steel will help? And what does he need it for? He can’t cut properly bearing it in both talons, so surely he’d have to land first and use it in one. Is that…

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The Banner Saga was, and is, one of my favourite games of all time; a strangely poetic experience of a crumbling Nordic world, dead gods and mythic horned giants told almost entirely through the medium of an extensively updated version of the Oregon Trail. Battles are fought, secrets are discovered and your caravan will wither or prosper based on the choices you make on the way to your destination. Banner Saga 2 is pretty much the same thing, so much so that it almost necessitates a recent play through of…

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