Monster Hunter World

Join us tonight, as we delve deep into the jungles of the new world in search of beautiful monsters and a mighty doom:

When the dinosaur of your dreams gets up and leaves, you get right back in the saddle you made of your rebounds skin and kick it’s teeth in:

Slotch is in a bit of a weird mood this week. A weird “Cosplay as a wolf and murder a dragon” kind of mood.
Literally nothing can go wrong:

Roll up your socks and down your sleeves, because i’m going to find something beautiful and hit it with a knife the size of a dinner table:

Driven mad by grief and cat puns, Slotch retired to the country to become a musician. Unfortunately, he’s a character in Monster Hunter World, so his instrument is a bagpipe that’s also a hammer and the country is a crystalline pit of horror.

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