The Eventual Death of Dungeon Synth I have been following dungeon synth for around two years cataloging its history and charting its progression as a microgenre in an age where microgenres have ephemeral existences. I have always professed a love for this style and its community of creators, recorders, and fans. Dungeon synth has existed for decades in various identities from strange black metal/dark ambient offshoot to an independent electronic genre with sometimes new connections unrelated to its past. Dungeon synth has existed before the age of the internet and…

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MANOWAR – Kings of Metal MMXIV

Kings of Metal MMXIV

Manowar is awesome. I have traveled cross country multiple times to see them. I consider the two Manowar concerts in 2011 at the Agora in Cleveland the best shows I have ever been to. Now the year is 2014, sorry MMXIV, and Manowar have re recorded another one of their classic albums, “Kings of Metal.” I thoroughly enjoyed the re recording of “Battle Hymns,” so I had reasonably high expectations for “Kings of Metal MMXIV” even after the so-so “The Lord of Steel.” So let us revisit the past with…

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