AVERSED release debut EP


Boston Massachusetts-based melodic death metal outfit, AVERSED, has released their debut EP entitled “Renewal”. Aversed features both harsh and clean female vocals accompanied by virtuosic guitar, ambitious bass solos, and ferocious drumming. The EP is available to stream on bandcamp and the official music video for the title track is up on youtube:

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MONARCH WOODS release sci-fi book

Wergild Atlas

In nontraditional metal news, Canadian gothic symphonic metallers MONARCH WOODS have released… a book! Monarch Woods was founded by guitarist Jonah Kay and vocalist Jay Ivaree in 2013. The duo initially wrote folk metal songs based off of literature Ivaree studied at university. In 2014, Ivaree began writing her own sci-fi story and the two decided to launch a symphonic metal band dedicated to the events in the series. Ivaree’s work promotes scientific values, racial diversity, and her ideals of family ethics. It’s also notable for its anti-religion themes and…

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WITHOUT FATE release self-titled debut album

Without Fate

Progressive / Symphonic metallers WITHOUT FATE have released their self-titled debut album. Known for their epic and melodic technique, Without Fate was formed in the summer of 2015 and consists of several experienced musicians who have distinguished themselves on the provincial metal scene in their native Québec, Canada. Included in the 6-track release is “In Via Veritatem” — an 18 minutes opus about 5 stages of grief: I Denial I, II Anger, III Bargaining, IV Depression and V Acceptance. It is available on bandcamp and other major platforms. Without Fate…

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CONTEMPLATOR release first full length album “Sonance”


Four-piece instrumental prog-metallers CONTEMPLATOR have released their first full length album: Sonance. Born from members of Nuclear Blast’s Augury and Aeternam, CONTEMPLATOR hails from Quebec City, Canada, and circles around and between traditional genres. From the progressive rock leanings of Uematsu’s RPG video game scores to the angular dissonances of Gorguts, CONTEMPLATOR knows no bounds! From the band: Imagine if Luc Lemay (Gorguts) and Daniel Mongrain (Martyr, Voivod) were Final Fantasy fanboys (SNES/PS1-era, of course), that’s about what we do. Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice) with cover…

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MINDPATROL release new song with guitar play-through


Luxembourg progressive/death metallers MINDPATROL have announced guitarist, Miguel Teixeira, and the availability of a new guitar play-through video featuring a song from their first album Downfall Theatre. Mindpatrol chose “Depulsoris Ira” to be revised, as this rather straightforward, yet extremely fun to play song is one of Teixeira’s favourites from the band’s previous catalog. In addition to some minor improvements, the new version comes with a new solo and was mixed in the band’s own Muschel Productions Studios. Mastering was done by Sebastian Levermann of Orden Ogan in his Greenman…

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ADAMAH release new EP


Melodic death metallers ADAMAH have released a new EP entitled “Heretics of the Dawning Star” Hailing from Lidköping, Sweden, the four-piece cites In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Behemoth as influences. The 20 minute EP showcases the band’s ability to blend both the melodic and the blackened side of the metal spectrum to create their own voice. The EP was mixed and mastered by Jesper Joelsson at Nordic Sound Labs and is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and Amazon.

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POLYPTYCH release 3rd full length album

Chicago metallers POLYPTYCH have released “Defying the Metastasis”, their 3rd full length album. The album was recorded at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Like Rats), and was mixed/mastered by by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) at Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany. This new album comes two years after the band’s second album, “Illusorium.” Polyptych fuses styles ranging from black metal to death and doom metal, and seeks to both challenge and absorb their listeners through layers of unique riffs and melodies. Polyptych’s debut record Panels…

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GRIMNER release 2nd full length album


Swedish Viking metallers GRIMNER have released Frost Mot Eld, their sophomore full length effort. Frost Mot Eld, which features the singles, “Eldhjarta,” “Midgard Brinner” and “Res Er Mina Soner” can be ordered on iTunes and listened to on Spotify. Grimner is an aggressive, melodic act known for their experimental incorporation of such non traditional metal instruments as flute, mandola and Swedish bagpipes (courtesy of Johan “Rambo” Rydberg). Hailing from Motala, in the south of Sweden, the sextet began their career singing in English switched to all Swedish language lyrics on…

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THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN release album preview

The Devils of Loudun

Seattle symphonic / MDM outfit THE DEVIL’S OF LOUDUN, have released a preview video for their upcoming EP, Enduring Creation. Hailed as a darker, heavier, faster and more epic sequel to their 2015 EP (Entering Oblivion), Enduring Oblivion is due out on April 8th as a digital, cd, and bundled release. Pre-order details are available on bandcamp. Vocalist Vance Bratcher: “Enduring Oblivion is the continued story of a man who has leapt through a portal believing it would grant him all things he ever wanted. Instead, he is stuck in…

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DRAUGNIM stream 3rd single from Vulturine


Vulturine , due out March 11th, will be the 3rd studio album from the Finnish melodic black metal outfit DRAUGNIM. The third single, “A Passage in Fire”, is now available to stream on Bandcamp. Tracklist for Vulturine: That Name Is Hate As In Hunger, So In Demise A Passage In Fire Grief Unsung Drums Of Black Death Serpent Stone Vulturine by DRAUGNIM

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CHIRAL, Italian atmo/post black metal one-man act, announces the release of a new EP entitled Snow//Heritage. The album will be self-released by the band in both digital and strictly limited edition digipack on the date of March 22nd, 2016. The album will see a new evolution in Chiral’s sound with completely instrumental tracks. The EP will also includes the cover version of Woman Is The Earth’s Sage Moon, which band’s mentioned as one of the biggest influences of Chiral himself. Tracklist: Sage Moon (Woman is The Earth cover) Now Her…

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VIRUS OF IDEALS release single ahead of forthcoming EP

Virus of Ideals

Connecticut based symphonic / melodic death metallers VIRUS OF IDEALS release their debut single ahead of a EP due out later this year. The three-piece (soon to be 5) draws influence from Scar Symmetry, Nightwish, Dark Tranquillity, Epica, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, and features both male and female lead vocals. “Bitter Parody” is streaming on youtube and available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and others.

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Hollywood Metal Staff – 2015 Album of the Year Selections

Every year the staff at Hollywood Metal puts forth their selections and runners-up for album of the year. They are as follows: . . . . . . . Kaptain Carbon Runners up: SULPHER AEON – Gateway to the Antisphere BLIND GUARDIAN – Beyond the Red Mirror LEVIATHAN – Scar Sighted GHOST – Meliora Luke Maudsley Runners up: AMIENSUS – Ascension BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH – Architects of the Void NHOR – Momenta Quintae Essentiae Brendan Biryla Runners Up: AMORPHIS – Under the Red Cloud BLIND GUARDIAN – Beyond the Red…

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