Modding D&D Basic

D and D Basic

Alright. History first. “The Haunted Keep” was a beginner scenario planted in the 1981 Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules Set. The editions of Basic D&D would be released in colorful boxes which would be distinct alongside the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks. Basic D&D was intended to offer a stripped down ruleset that would eventually lead into higher levels with the advanced books. The Haunted Keep was a starter dungeon intended on teaching would be Dungeonmasters how to make up their own adventure as it gave the barebones of a…

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Labyrinth Lord / Stonehell Dungeon

“Explore over 700 rooms, encounter more than 40 new monsters, and discover 18 mysterious magical items — and that’s just in the first book!” These games I am reviewing are not new. In fact, some of the newer ones are still nearing 10 years old with the majority of them being from decades past. Perhaps this review might be useful for people interested in old school Dungeons and Dragons and avoiding and welcoming some of the hilarity which comes in it’s package. For me, who adores the flavor of old…

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