Monster Hunter World

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Developer: Capcom Released: August 9th 2018 Website: Official Site Join us tonight, as we delve deep into the jungles of the new world in search of beautiful monsters and a mighty doom: When the dinosaur of your dreams gets up and leaves, you get right back in the saddle you made of your rebounds skin and kick it’s teeth in: Slotch is in a bit of a weird mood this week. A weird “Cosplay as a wolf and murder a dragon” kind of mood. Literally nothing can…

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Dark Souls

dark souls

When trying to decide what to write about for my first review, there were a number of possibilities considered. The mighty Skyrim, the metal inspired Brütal Legend, or even an indie title. Then I remembered Dark Souls. I shuddered in fear, then with exhilaration. There isn’t a game like Dark Souls in the world, not one that inspires such dread, but also the drive to overcome its many, many challenges. Dark Souls is the guy who’s in the middle of the mosh pit, knocking out all those who come near…

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