The end of an era: ANACHRONAEON – Everyday Chronicles

Anachronaeon - Everyday Chronicles

In late 2007, around the time that my fiend Damon Wang and I were getting Hollywood Metal off the ground (back then a radio show on 99.3 FM, a short range local station in Hollywood, CA) I happened across an obscure Swedish melodic death metal band called ANACHRONAEON from Västerås. The song that captured my attention was “The English Wizard” from their first full length album As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies (2007). I was obsessed with this song for months… still am. With it’s weird harmonics and…

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ANACHRONAEON – The Oracle and the Keyholder

Swedish Death Metal. Now, that’s a phrase with a fucking lineage. Those three words and suddenly you’ve got yourself a pretty good idea of what to expect; electric guitars played with incredible technical skill, viciously guttural, almost Black Metal vocals, and long songs exploring just what it’s like to be a Viking warrior lost, far from home, with only his father’s war axe for company. Except nobody told Anachronaeon about the last one. Their lyrics have the intimate touch, though they’re still somehow sung with the same grizzled corpse-growl. It’s…

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