AVANTASIA – Moonglow

avantasia moonglow

At this moment, I have written two reviews on Avantasia and their records since 2013. This will be number 3 which means I have spent 6 years embraced in the loving arms of this power metal ensemble. Compared to some of the other music which catches my interest, Avantasia is incredibly wholesome and reminds me of the best times I have had with other bombastic heavy metal and hard rock. Just the fact that the opening track “Ghost in the Moon” has shades of Bat Out Of Hell era Meat…

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AVANTASIA – Ghostlights

Re-reading my review on Avantasia’s 2013 The Mystery of Time shows a reviewer who didn’t really enjoy power metal but was pleasantly not annoyed by this one. This is certainly different than how I feel today. Before the release of Ghostlights, the sixth album by Tobias Sammet’s rock opera collective Avantasia, the song “Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose” was released as its single. The reason why this song is important is it changed the template of what was expected from Avantasia, as it drew inspiration from, at least in my mind, Meat Loaf and his way of making melodies. With that being said, Ghostlights is not Bat Out of Hell IV, and while that may be a disappointment to some (mostly me) this album is a pretty fantastic record none the less.

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AVANTASIA – The Mystery of Time

I blame myself really. No, do not try to change my mind. I am here of my own volition. It is not the fact that I am a huge fan of power metal that brought me to Avantasia’s sixth album, The Mystery of Time. It is not even the fact that it is a project pulling together names from Rhapsody, Helloween, Ayreon, Saxon, and Rainbow. I do not really even like concept records that much. No, I am here because I love serialized fantasy and that addiction is best indulged…

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