Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess

I enjoy doing end of the year lists. I also enjoy doing separate end of the year lists geared toward different audiences. While I am sure people would be interested in the best underground black and death there were other great albums too. I am not saying that power, progressive, symphonic, and traditional metal need to be processed differently, but rather that the individual strengths of each can be experienced when taken to a quiet corner on its own. Additionally, there were some albums that, compared to the rest of…

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TYR – Valkyrja


Wait. Are we sure this isn’t power metal? No, I am not saying that but, really? Only progressive folk metal? I mean it’s cool if you want to be power metal. No one is going to make fun of you. Every time I talk about Tyr, I have to make a mental note of where exactly the Faeroe Islands lay in relation to everything else. This outfit is from a very small network of islands that lay in the middle of the triangle created by Iceland, Scotland, and Norway. Historically,…

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