Dungeons and Dragons (2010)

Dungeons and Dragons

When you write a comic for the Dungeons and Dragons game, there are a few things you can expect from the story. As the writers and artist can not drastically change the universe which has been building for a few decades, readers can expect a certain level of uniformity when dealing with the world. Additionally, since the comics have historically acted more as a supplement and possible marketing hook, one can expect characters and setting to not stray too far off the path. When you read a Dungeons and Dragons…

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D&D BASIC (1983)

This is it. Months of pining over playing an actual game of Dungeons and Dragons using the basic rule set has finally come to a pass. The pass is when I acquired a original ruleset and forced all of my friends to come over and play it one Saturday. Sometimes one needs to take things in their own hands to get games rolling and stop thinking about what things would be like. What follows is a mix between review, history, and impressions of gameplay coming from a group that has…

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