SABATON – Heroes

For the longest time Sabaton was always the power metal band who sang about battle. This isn’t a stretch for most power metal, yet this Swedish act decided to step out of fantasy and into romanticized modern history. Sabaton was always the band whose rousing anthems memorialized famous battles and skirmishes in the World Wars. They were the History Channel of metal when that joke used to make sense. Heroes is Sabaton’s seventh record and is a culmination of a very busy 10 years. Since the mid 00’s this band…

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SABATON – Carolus Rex

SABATON - Carolus Rex (2012)

Guest post by Eligh Corchis-Scott Sabaton returns with a new album, and the new lineup doesn’t seem to have hurt them at all. As usual the songs are based around historic battles.  This time however the album has a unifying theme: The Swedish Empire which lasted from 1611 to 1721. The album was released in two versions, the english version, which I’ll review here, and the Swedish version, which deserves a mention. I enjoyed the Swedish version as much as, if not more than the English version but I spent…

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