The Hollywood Metal Top 5 Games Of 2013

Valdis Story Abyssal City

Before I start this off, I want to make something clear: This isn’t going to be the “best” games of 2013. This is going to be a list of the five games I had the most fun with this year. That means that if I get sent me a message saying something like, “Hey, your list is wrong!” or “slaughterkill 9 is way better than these games!” then I’m going to assume you’re either the faceless old woman who lives in my house or are full of shit. And if…

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Total war rome 2

In this latest game, the creative Assembly challenges ancient Roman philosopher Tomisius Lupa’s famous assertion “You can’t go Rome again” with the aptly titled second jaunt into the time period. But will I be entertained, or will it just make me want to kick it’s esteemed creators in the Scutum? Who Aristophaknows? But enough of that nonsense. Let’s Hoplite to it. (I spent five thousand pounds on a degree in ancient Roman literature, which was a bigger joke than all this review combined) I’m going to come clean. I’m a…

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