ANTIKYTHERA – Antikythera

[This release was also reviewed by Luke M]

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient analogue computer and orrery used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes,as well as the Olympiads, the cycles of the ancient Olympic Games.

Melodic death is not a genre that you see at the local level compared to things like black and death metal. Melodic death is usually presented by established and experienced with albums full of polish and gloss. Antikythera is from Los Angeles and has made their entrance into the metal universe with a decent EP clouded by a thick haze of missing information.

First of all The Metal Archives lists this band as having three members and no drummer but their Facebook has pictures of two people. Regardless of that it is, the sound of Antikythera is full despite being on the lower end of band members. Each of the guitar lines work well within the other instrumentation and the solos of songs like “Locked Cabin Doors” echo old Children of Bodom when they were still fun and viable. The vocals are perhaps one of the better parts of the mix as still loyal to the melodic death gruffness but dripping more with monstrous resonance. Antikythera is ultimately striking out on their own and their self titled debut is just one step in carving out a contemporary melodic death scene.

As stated before, melodic death is not something I initially gravitate towards and Antikythera’s debut does more than its fair share of making music that isn’t much interest to me interesting. The energy of the band combined with the caliber of talent which seems to be packed in its 1-4 members who maybe playing all of none of their instruments. What I know at this moment despite everything is that this is a band that has a bright future head of them with a very cryptic name.

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