Favorite 18 Metal Albums of 2018

Top 18 of 2018 by Kaptain Carbon

End of the year time is always strange regarding lists as there are so many. There are of course lists which I make for Tape Wyrm which focuses on lesser known black and death I find in the sewers. There are also power and heavy metal records I write for this site. Then there are favorite albums which I found myself listening to in 2018. This is that list. They are a mix between records I found important, enjoyable, and sometimes a mix between the two. These are the albums…

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Fleshgod Apocalypse

How can you ignore a band called Fleshgod Apocalypse? Why would you ignore a band called Fleshgod Apocalypse? What is a Fleshgod Apocalypse? These are the questions that keep me up at night. There doesn’t seem to be an answer either. At best I can imagine some towering form of coalescent meat, squirming and squealing and shitting in one of the dimensions the other gods avoid, trapped forever in the celestial equivalent of the bad part of town. Why you’d name your band after that is truly beyond me. Why…

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SHADED EMNITY – Forsaken and Forgotten

SHADED EMNITY - Forsaken and Forgotten (2013)

Playing Underground Extreme Metal in America is tough. If you are serious about it, then chances are you are spending countless hours writing and practicing, thousands of dollars on recording, monthly rehearsal space rent, and equipment all just to play dive bars to 20 people. Still, we keep going hoping for a record deal or a booking agent to swoop you up and take you the mystical metal lands of Europe. There are many times when one may question their dreams, and think of throwing the in the towel for…

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THYRFING – e ödeslösa

Thyrfing - De ödeslösa (2013)

I can do this review as long as I can correctly spell the band’s name. Thyr-fing is a viking black metal band unsurprisingly from Sweden. For as long as the band has been making albums however, their reach has barely breached past marginal. Unlike Amon Amarth or even Bathroy, Thyrfing still remains on the other side of slightly obscure. De ödeslösa is the seventh release from this Nordic obsessed outfit. Let us cross our fingers that this is the one. Thyrfing has a divided history. In 2007 both vocalist Thomas…

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