FEN – Dustwalker

Fen - Dustwalker (2012)

Sometimes I have trouble parsing out the myriad of new black metal styles each month since they only differ slightly from others. The term “Black-gaze” is used to describe black metal incorporating shoegaze. Black-gaze is different but somewhat similar to “Post-black,” a term used to describe the combination of post rock and black metal. Actually, that is only one definition as the other means “after” black metal and is a placeholder for “Experimental black,” but that is just ridiculous so let us try to keep it simple. There is also…

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Since Wodensthrone entered the black metal scene in 2009 with their debut LP Loss, fans of atmospheric black metal, folk black metal, and pagan black metal have been hungry for more. Loss was an exceptionally good album, especially for a debut, so it is natural that hype was rather high for their follow-up record. Thankfully enough, this British act have met – if not exceeded – expectations, but not really in the way that many thought. Whereas Loss was notably infused with folk elements, Curse sees the band forsaking many…

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