Heavy Metal 2019: Upcoming Releases

avantasia moonglow

As we say goodbye to the year 2018 and hopefully now amass our actual lists of 2018, it is time to rush ahead and look at all of the awesome albums set to be released in the early part of 2019. This list does not constitute all of the albums but it does amass the popular release which everyone will most likely be discussing. Use this list as a bookmark or reason to go through back catalogs in preparation for the new work. Heavy metal never sleeps and neither should…

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I find myself wondering how exactly you would worship chaos. It’s not like having regular services at an appointed place would be in the spirit of the thing, and chaos by its nature is sort of hard to identify when it’s happening. Sure, they might just throw a waterbomb filled with petrol and snakes into a meeting of the electoral college or go chase butterflies about in the Amazon and call it a day, chaos sown, but it’s hardly worship. If you wanted to properly worship the universal force of…

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This article is dedicated to Follow the Reaper, one of my first extreme metal albums, which I listened to numerous times. It taught me the pleasure of distorted vocals and that songs about murder could be fun and exciting. This article is dedicated to Children of Bodom — the brats of death metal. In a recent article I discussed Amon Amarth as one of the gatekeepers to more extreme styles of metal for those trying to get into it. While this is true for many, Children of Bodom was mine…

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