PALLBEARER – Heartless (2017)

I actually hope sometimes the bands never read the reviews I write. I feel more comfortable knowing I can be critical, honest, and gushing without looking like a super dork or an asshole. Pallbearer’s 2012 Sorrow and Extinction was a big album for me as it hit at a time when I was done with stoner doom / sludge but not finished with doom that didn’t sound like a bong rip. Pallbearer’s success with traditional doom was contrasted with the fact they pretty much did the same thing as Warning…

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THE MORNINGSIDE – The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past

THE MORNINGSIDE - The Wind, the Trees and the Shadows of the Past

There’s something to say about a band that are capable of combining sweeping, epic tracks with melancholic subject matter. The fact that the two elements juxtapose each other so vividly often leads to a breakdown in quality when all is said and done, so it is no surprise that music in the vein of what Russia’s The Morningside put together on their debut The Wind, the Trees and the Shadows of the Past is few and far between. To stylistically compare their dark, melodic, and fiercely sorrowful compositions is difficult…

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