POWERWOLF – The Sacrament of Sin

Powerwolf The Sacrament of Sin

I have always been confused regarding the German power metal band Powerwolf. From a distance, this act seems to combine supernatural, historical, and religious themes in albums which sound like symphonic cascades and a Castlevania game come to life. While all of this sounds cool and something I would totally be into, the consistency and unerring path of Powerwolf has led to a career which is marketable if not a big blur for anyone looking in from the outside. Perhaps the newest album would slow down just enough for outsiders…

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POWERWOLF – Blessed & Possessed

Your reaction to the name Powerwolf will tell you more than enough about whether the band is for you. If you hear “Powerwolf” and think “stupid tacky nonsense” then that’s more than likely going to be your response to the music. However, if you’re the sort of person whose response is more along the lines of “Shit yeah! Fucking wolves with power and shit!” then that’s a good sign. Basically, Powerwolf as a band has lived and dies on their audience’s ability to just fucking roll with whatever awesome nonsense…

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Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess

I enjoy doing end of the year lists. I also enjoy doing separate end of the year lists geared toward different audiences. While I am sure people would be interested in the best underground black and death there were other great albums too. I am not saying that power, progressive, symphonic, and traditional metal need to be processed differently, but rather that the individual strengths of each can be experienced when taken to a quiet corner on its own. Additionally, there were some albums that, compared to the rest of…

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