TOP 5 Albums of 2013

AGATHODAIMON - In Darkness (2013)

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the world of heavy metal is suffering from an identity crisis. Popular styles of loud rock like deathcore and djent have splintered the community; capturing the hearts and minds of the youth while being almost universally despised by older fans. The “true metal vs. false metal” debate has seldom raged as vigorously as it does now. Thus, when I was thinking about my favorite releases from this year it was concepts like personality and sense of self that were at the front…

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DARKTHRONE – The Underground Resistance

DARKTHRONE - The Underground Resistance (2013)

Darkthrone’s two decade war against the mainstream continues with “The Underground Resistance” and this insurrection shows no signs of stopping.. Rather, they launch this assault with renewed vigor and purpose, further honing the hybrid sound that they have been exploring since the latter half of the previous decade. The arsenal this time around comprises six cuts of meat-and-potatoes Metal weaponry. These sonic swords were forged by veteran craftsman and are swung with a comparable amount of skill (albeit less care). And while 2010’s “Circle the Wagons” oscillated awkwardly between Fenriz’s…

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