HEREJÍA – La quinta herejía

HEREJÍA - La quinta herejía

First of all, I would like to thank Reddi’t r/powermetal for keeping me aware of all of the new releases in both power and heavy metal. Sometimes the more general metal subs miss certain styles and blazing power metal is one of them. We are here and it is almost the end of the year with a strong album from a Spanish group I have never heard before and if I were to guess neither have you. If one can imagine a cross between Painkiller era Judas Priest and a lowered powered Abigail era King Diamond, you would be around the stadium in which this band resides. This is not to say Herejía competes with the those two luminaries rather the music worships this classic sound. With that said, La quinta herejía is a party from front to back with a band that is more than willing to stay up late and party.

La quinta herejía is the band’s second record which still resides on the far side of obscurity surrounded by hard to track down videos and actual music videos which are less than stellar. Aside from that, if one does manage to track down the record, the quality within is more than worth the journey with songs that run way past the normal length for heavy metal. If one is not taken by 50 minutes of heavy metal, then they can be dazzled by the artwork which is both amazing and loud. Never have I thought the inverted cross could substitute for a J but here we are. Herejía was a random find and I seem to keep learning more about this band. If you would like to take this Spanish journey, fly to the planet with the giant demon which resides on its surface.

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