SHORES OF NULL – Black Drapes for Tomorrow

SHORES OF NULL - Black Drapes for Tomorrow

Shores of Null is a relativity new band from the shores of Italy. Okay, I know Rome isn’t exactly on the shores but I thought it a good way to open a review. Shores of Null, in their relative newness, offer a combination of music still largely unexplored. Black / doom is something that I have particularly enjoyed from lesser known bands mainly because each time an act employs the sound, the result sounds different from one another. Take Black Drapes for Tomorrow which takes the baritone smoothness of Type O Negative and Woods of Ypres and throws in flairs of black vocals and a a heap of melody. The result is something that is both successful and appealing to people who may not enjoy the raw aspect of other black/doom acts.

If anything can be said about Black Drapes for Tomorrow is its ability for immersion. The landscapes which inhabit this record are vast and ever changing from the triumphantly somber attitude of “Donau” to the folk instrumental “The Enemy Within” and “Death Of A River” to even the melodic range of “The Kolyma Route,” Black Drapes for Tomorrow exists to offer people both brilliant sadness and exquisite gloom.

Shores of Null may not have broad appeal to anyone who does not favor melodic vocals. With that said, that maybe the prefect pitch for people who are still shy around harsh vocals. The range from clean to harsh is long with many stops in between. Black Drapes for Tomorrow is available for anyone who wants to be eternally bummed out for the rest of eternity.

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