EUROPE – War of Kings

When thinking about a band like Europe, it can perhaps be easy to forget they had a career outside the ten minutes it took them to record “The Final Countdown”. It’s almost as though they existed just long enough to get it down before skulking back into their home dimension where somehow “seen us” is a better rhyme than “penis” for “Venus”. Honestly, I’ve never been into them as a band. I couldn’t name one other album of theirs in their 36 year career. Obviously, I assume they’ve got other…

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WOLFHEART – Winterborn

WOLFHEART - Winterborn (2013)

So, Tuomas Saukkonon of Before the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, and a multitude of other bands has gone solo. Having disbanded all of his collaborative projects, he’s now completely free to do whatever he wants musically, without compromise. What path will he forge on his solo debut “Winterborn”? As it turns out, a path very similar to the one he’s been traveling for years. This album picks up right where his previous projects left off, which might be a relief for fans but didn’t do much for me. I’m admittedly…

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