NORTHLAND – Downfall and Rebirth

Northland were the first band I wrote about on this site, and as such have a special place in my heart and my CD collection. That was a year ago now, and the album was three years old then, so you might have been forgiven for thinking they’d stopped recording new stuff. It’s not that they haven’t been busy, they’ve become something of a regular on the European festival circuit since then, but the lack of a second album could have been a bad sign. A band that runs low…

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NORTHLAND – Northland

NORTHLAND - Northland (2010)

Ah, Northland. At first listen, you could be forgiven for thinking Northland were Finnish, or possibly Norwegian. Their Folk metal style certainly draws a lot of influence from that area of the world. As does their name. You’d hardly expect them to have formed on a cruise around the Maldive’s, and yet oddly enough, that’s not too far from the truth. Not to close either, admittedly. They’re from Barcelona, and if you find yourself wondering what inspirations they took from that part of the world, so am I. It took…

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