Bandcamp Power Metal Roundup #9

Power Metal Roundup

To be honest, it infuriates me when an album is not available for full preview. I can understand if the album is actually not physically out but I should be honest with my emotions. Perhaps this is because teaser tracks and previews for albums feels like an archaic process that was reserved for a time when access to pretty much everything was limited. Bandcamp preview tracks and announcements feel strange in an era where you could get everything at once as long as one turns their attention to the provider.…

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Bandcamp Power Metal Roundup #5

I am not going to lie. Finding good power metal on Bandcamp has not been as easy as other genres. Dungeon synth, death, and black all seem to be readily available but finding decent quality power metal, that is also appealing to me, has been hard. Perhaps it is because I am only a tourist in this genre and haven’t given myself over to some of the more popular conventions. While I am sort of whining about the lack of Bandcamp power metal, this month seems to be quality. Perhaps…

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