STRATOVARIUS – Enigma: Intermission II

Stratovarius - Enigma

It feels strange to discuss a compilation in regards to a new album but it seems that Stratovarius has put a considerable amount of work into what could have been a bullshit compilation release. Hold on, lets go back. Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal group who has the benefit of being able to call themselves one of the pioneers in the European power metal style along with Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, and Helloween. The work of Stratovarius in the 1990’s is marked with stellar albums such as 1997’s Visions…

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Statovarius is a darkhorse. To the larger population, this Finnish power metal band is probably not given the credit they deserve at least in terms of current output. Even within the metal community, Stratovarius’ accomplishments are not sung as much as they are deserved. This praise comes not from massive overhauls of the power metal template rather a surprisingly consistent and entertaining power from a band who is entering their fourth decade in existence. If I sound at all reverent it is because 2013’s Nemesis was a breathtaking surprise for…

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Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess

I enjoy doing end of the year lists. I also enjoy doing separate end of the year lists geared toward different audiences. While I am sure people would be interested in the best underground black and death there were other great albums too. I am not saying that power, progressive, symphonic, and traditional metal need to be processed differently, but rather that the individual strengths of each can be experienced when taken to a quiet corner on its own. Additionally, there were some albums that, compared to the rest of…

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Stratovarius - Nemesis (2013)

Wait. Really? When? How? I mean it is not that I doubted them but, really? They did this. Holy shit. Well, skin me alive and call me Sally, this is something. Maybe it was because I got lost in the last Portal record but wow. I mean sorry for being speechless but this is pretty damn good. Finnish outfit Stratovarius has been around for a while. In fact, the band hovered around the inception of European power metal in the late 80´s with other acts like Helloween. Since then Stratovarius,…

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