Anyone who knows me will know I’m a fan of the Total War games, and have been so since the 90s when cheese-fest Time Commanders (a show that featured the game) was instrumental in convincing my dad that since they were historical they were also educational. I’m not sure how I managed, but somehow I incepted into him the idea that, without the ability to simulate ancient Roman warfare my education would fail and I’d end up homeless, sustaining myself by scraping the grease out of discarded takeaway boxes with…

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Total War Attila

When I first heard Attila was coming out only a year after Rome 2, I sensed trouble. After Rome 2’s troubled launch, another rushed production seemed like the last thing the series needed. Thankfully, that isn’t what it got. It stands on Rome 2’s shoulders, which is something of a mixed blessing. On one hand this means they haven’t changed the game enough from last year’s to break it, meaning it runs well and with few bugs, on the other though, it feels awfully similar to its predecessor at times,…

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