Anyone who knows me will know I’m a fan of the Total War games, and have been so since the 90s when cheese-fest Time Commanders (a show that featured the game) was instrumental in convincing my dad that since they were historical they were also educational. I’m not sure how I managed, but somehow I incepted into him the idea that, without the ability to simulate ancient Roman warfare my education would fail and I’d end up homeless, sustaining myself by scraping the grease out of discarded takeaway boxes with…

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WARHAMMER – The End Times: Vermintide

Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide (2015)

For reasons that probably involve an endless lust for cash, Games Workshop recently murdered their entire fantasy setting in a tide of snivelling rat. This made a lot of people very unhappy and has widely been regarded as a bad move. This is partially because that was a world with a rich and involved lore that now no longer exists, and partially because its fans had spent hundreds of dollars and hours building a plastic army that is now worthless in the current world. That and the addition of fucking…

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