IN MOURNING – The Weight of Oceans

In Mourning - Weight of Oceans

I was really prepared to like this album a lot more than the 5/9 may indicate. In Mourning was brought to my attention by a friend and frequent co-host of the radio show a few months ago. We played a track from their previous album, Monolith, on episode 105. That song and album were good and I had high hopes for this new one, The Weight of Oceans. The artwork and name of this album are a 9/9 collectively. Upon seeing it for the first time I thought this was…

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MANILLA ROAD – Crystal Logic

MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic

In the realm of classic heavy metal, few bands are as overlooked as Manilla Road. They were never really a commercial success and their wailing, epic, theatrical performances fell upon the ears of only a select few. With time, they have gained traction (and rightly so) as one of the premier heavy metal bands of the 1980’s, with their 1983 album Crystal Logic often being cited as the band’s crowning achievement. Little wonder, really, that this is the case, because Crystal Logic offers fans of bands like Cirith Ungol, Manowar,…

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Since Wodensthrone entered the black metal scene in 2009 with their debut LP Loss, fans of atmospheric black metal, folk black metal, and pagan black metal have been hungry for more. Loss was an exceptionally good album, especially for a debut, so it is natural that hype was rather high for their follow-up record. Thankfully enough, this British act have met – if not exceeded – expectations, but not really in the way that many thought. Whereas Loss was notably infused with folk elements, Curse sees the band forsaking many…

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CRYOSTORM – Destroyer of Ardor

Cryostorm - Destroyer of Ardor (2011)

A pleasant surprise hit our inbox last week as CRYOSTORM sent the sophomore release from their Exeter UK-based melodic death metal outfit. It’s an EP called Destroyer of Ardor, which came out last year. Now I was quite ready to be disappointed when I read “new melodic death metal.” For reasons unknown to me, I’ve had a string of bad luck locating quality new MDM bands. I don’t think the genre is suffering from a lack of good bands, it’s just a big area of growth for metal, and with…

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