GRIMNER release 2nd full length album


Swedish Viking metallers GRIMNER have released Frost Mot Eld, their sophomore full length effort. Frost Mot Eld, which features the singles, “Eldhjarta,” “Midgard Brinner” and “Res Er Mina Soner” can be ordered on iTunes and listened to on Spotify. Grimner is an aggressive, melodic act known for their experimental incorporation of such non traditional metal instruments as flute, mandola and Swedish bagpipes (courtesy of Johan “Rambo” Rydberg). Hailing from Motala, in the south of Sweden, the sextet began their career singing in English switched to all Swedish language lyrics on…

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KULL (2008)

Okay let us be really honest here. We know that you are here because you like fantasy comics and we already know that Darkhorse has a stalker like fascination with the works of Robert E Howard. I know that I have talked before about Dark Horse’s multiple concurrent series of Conan but did I fail to mention smaller albeit still impressive series dealing with Kull? I didn’t? Well then let me inform you. Please sit down, this may take a little bit.

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Bandcamp Power Metal Roundup #3

In an effort to keep up with power metal as much as other genres this year, I have decided to comb through Bandcamp each month and listen to a variety of albums pulled from it. It is my hope that by the end of this year I will reach some sort of opinion on the state of power metal. This will be, of course, subject to whether or not the album is on Bandcamp, which may only paint a select portrait but I can only do so much. In fact, Bandcamp power metal may be a smaller genre than power metal as a whole, full of unsigned and upcoming power metal albums that could be wholly different than the titans of the genre who may not even bother with the site. Perhaps we will find the next Blind Guardian or Stratovarius lying under these rocks.

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Treasure Island

This particular review exists because of my insatiable lust for all things BLACK SAILS. If you’re unfamiliar, that is perfectly forgivable as it airs Saturday nights on the obscure STARZ network with a limited audience reach as a consequence. Nevertheless, the show has garnered recurring critical acclaim over the three seasons that exist to date. Our own Kaptain Carbon reviews the series for Hollywood Metal. The length of time comprising a week is never more apparent than when it separates airings of your favorite show. Last week I filled this…

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A deep-seated regret I have in life is missing the boat on Magic: The Gathering. Unlike most D&D players, who seem to have an automatic knowledge of MTG, I have not yet learned how to play this most epic of fantasy card games. Granted, my D&D career was short-lived (5th-8th grade) but I still feel like I missed a turn somewhere. Now that I follow Kaptain Carbon on Instagram, that deficiency is thrown in my face nigh on daily. (The Kaptain is at some Magic Grand Prix event in D.C.…

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THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN release album preview

The Devils of Loudun

Seattle symphonic / MDM outfit THE DEVIL’S OF LOUDUN, have released a preview video for their upcoming EP, Enduring Creation. Hailed as a darker, heavier, faster and more epic sequel to their 2015 EP (Entering Oblivion), Enduring Oblivion is due out on April 8th as a digital, cd, and bundled release. Pre-order details are available on bandcamp. Vocalist Vance Bratcher: “Enduring Oblivion is the continued story of a man who has leapt through a portal believing it would grant him all things he ever wanted. Instead, he is stuck in…

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One of my dreams is to become an expert on dungeon synth, or at least talk about it enough that people think of me as an expert. You are here because someone, probably me, has talked enough about this strange little genre that at least enough interest has been piqued for further investigation. Dungeon Synth was offered to me by the work of Erang and has since led me into a magical world of fantastical ambient music and obsessed musicians who create worlds with sound and imagination. There are few…

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Einsteins Dreams

If ever there was a book that could be classified as prog metal this is it.

Set in Bern, Switzerland, in the year 1905, Physicist Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams explores the literal consequences of hypothetical postulates derived from Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and some deep thought about the nature of space and time.

The vehicle for this exploration is a series of dreams that occur to a certain youthful patent clerk that take place in the two months leading up to June 30th. The day the journal Annalen der Physik would receive the paradigm-shifting paper. (The third of four he published that year as part of his Annus Mirabilis or “miracle year”.) It’s a quick read, about 140 pages, but that’s all Lightman needed to create myriad of mind bending worlds by modifying the physics of time, space, and entropy.

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DRAUGNIM stream 3rd single from Vulturine


Vulturine , due out March 11th, will be the 3rd studio album from the Finnish melodic black metal outfit DRAUGNIM. The third single, “A Passage in Fire”, is now available to stream on Bandcamp. Tracklist for Vulturine: That Name Is Hate As In Hunger, So In Demise A Passage In Fire Grief Unsung Drums Of Black Death Serpent Stone Vulturine by DRAUGNIM

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CHIRAL, Italian atmo/post black metal one-man act, announces the release of a new EP entitled Snow//Heritage. The album will be self-released by the band in both digital and strictly limited edition digipack on the date of March 22nd, 2016. The album will see a new evolution in Chiral’s sound with completely instrumental tracks. The EP will also includes the cover version of Woman Is The Earth’s Sage Moon, which band’s mentioned as one of the biggest influences of Chiral himself. Tracklist: Sage Moon (Woman is The Earth cover) Now Her…

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VIRUS OF IDEALS release single ahead of forthcoming EP

Virus of Ideals

Connecticut based symphonic / melodic death metallers VIRUS OF IDEALS release their debut single ahead of a EP due out later this year. The three-piece (soon to be 5) draws influence from Scar Symmetry, Nightwish, Dark Tranquillity, Epica, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, and features both male and female lead vocals. “Bitter Parody” is streaming on youtube and available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and others.

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